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Guy Buffet


Upcoming Shows & Events:

Newport Beach, CA

Guy Buffet Art Show | Newport Beach (2 days)

Newport Beach, CA

Guy Buffet Art Show | Newport Beach (2 days)

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About 10 years ago I did a painting titled "Your Move". Because of the message, it was very successful. The message was about the survival of the species of animals on our planet. Human kind had a dilemma of how to protect animals from extinction so the future generation could still witness the miracle of mother nature. I decided to paint a sister painting to continue the story. This new painting is titled "Check Mate" to portray the message that we have hope for the future through rebirth and mother nature will regrow healthy and strong.

I would like to show the work in progress. ~Dario

Dario's speaks on Checkmate - Part I

Video Here

Dario painting Checkmate - Part II

Video Here

Great artists, regardless of medium or style, share a certain creative trait that cannot be fully explained. Whatever the scene or the subject, their talents expand to fill the potential before them. Dario Campanile has risen to world renown on the wings of his masterful paintings. Instantly one perceives the range of his genius. There is power in these forms that seems to come from within, dimension that seems to exceed the obvious three.

As a mere child in Rome, creating myriad sketches of scenes and still life images that caught his inquiring eyes, he showed remarkable skills for both the realistic and the expressive. At the age of six he was given a set of watercolors to play with, which opened his mind to exciting new realms, becoming his means of early artistic discovery. Years later, admired and advised by de Chirico and Dali, two of the greatest figures of 20th-century art, Dario would recall his youth as a fond and fortuitous time, when his gifts were given the chance to unfold.
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