Caroline Zimmermann

Tuscan Treasure

11 x 8

Florentine Treasure

10 x 10

Dawn & Dusk

12 x 14

Bella Tuscana

4 x 12

Poppies In Spring

6 x 8

Little Cove Treasure

4 x 16

Chianti Vineyard

16 x 28

A Tuscan Still Life

6 x 24

Little Crystal Treasure

4 x 16

Hanalei Sunset Dream

12 x 12

Provence Poppies

4 x 12

Maldive Meditation

8 x 16

Mediterranean Beach Blues

28 x 14

Since the era of the Medici and the Renaissance, Florence has been famous for its artisans, artists and crafts people that have created many of Art History's finest treasures. My numerous visits to the museums of Florence have inspired me over the years as I view the countless masterpieces of Renaissance art, and noting with little exception, the magnificence of their frames.

It has been one of my greatest pleasures as an artist living and working in Tuscany for the last 20 years to collaborate with several frame makers in Florence that are still creating frames in the fine Florentine tradition.

These wonderful frames are custom made for me in the handmade tradition by the Mazzocchi family who are located in the heart of Florence.

As a painter, I am infinitely fascinated by the possibilities of using their traditional forms to create paintings that speak to me of my contemporary

aesthetic. They echo the past and resonate with the creative expressions of today's Florentine artisans. These works are intimate tableaus that can be presented on a wall or placed on a surface. I like the idea that they can be easily moved and positioned around the home.

It is a delight to present these works to Lahaina Galleries. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Caroline Zimmermann

The Lovers

10 x 7

Coastal Triptych

10 x 21