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As an artist and man, Gary R. Swanson is a breed apart. A deep abiding spirit of adventure has burned within him since his boyhood days growing up on the farm in South Dakota. He has answered that "call to the wild" as he travels the distant game fields of the world armed with his keen eye of observation and his sense of yearning to capture on canvas the untamed and unspoiled wildlife still living on the earth. Swanson has tracked and painted them all in his wilderness way of life. His oil paintings and bronze sculptures are proclaimed to be the finest works of art ever done.

Meticulous and masterful, his canvases express the authentic touch of a great painter. Swanson's art has a sense of immediacy, almost an expectation of movement.

His time honored method of oil painting on linen with a technique mastered over years of study have brought Gary many awards and honors. "I honestly feel that the collector is the final judge in any case. When you touch the hearts of people and they respond to your work with genuine emotion, then I know I have painted well."

Gary R. Swanson is a tireless conservationist deeply committed to saving the wild species and environments of our earth. His life and his works abound with precious examples of the grandeur we can ill afford to lose. In scenes that echo the words of Hemingway, Ruark and Michener, they offer us a view of nobility itself. For Gary R. Swanson, wildlife is a passion not only to preserve, but simply for all of us to be a part of…

Like father... like son. Trevor Swanson has inherited father's gift.

Swanson works are available in original and limited edition. For more information call (800)228-2006 or  e-mail. 

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